How to Avoid Stomach Distress

September 23, 2017

How many times have you been having a great run and then BAM, your stomach goes south?  In this podcast, Warren Pole, from 33 Shake and Brad Kearns, from Primal Endurance, join The Nation to discuss how to minimize stomach problems.

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  • padutchrunner

    Entertaining listen as usual, but the content was confusing and for that reason didn’t add to the nutrition conversation/debate. “Carbs” is not a monolithic term and needs to be defined every single time it is used. For me, “carbs” means whole plant foods like potatoes, beans and rice. For others, carbs means processed, high fat foods like candy bars, etc. And I’m sure there are others with completely different ideas of what “carbs” look like in terms of actual foods consumed. It can mean almost anything. And someone needs to be on these programs where the expert panel is stacked with keto gurus providing an alternate dietary philosophy — remember, it continues to hold true that no world class marathoners are high fat/ketogenic — not a single one. They are all high carb (whole food carbs). Until the elite of the elites start going keto, we all need to be very careful about these trends.

    • Lauren Moran

      hi – i was actually looking for the show notes to check the title of a book y’all mentioned. can you tell me where to find them? thanks!