20 hours of live streaming covering every aspect of ultrarunning’s original and most beloved race: The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Along with TRN veteran co-hosts Don Freeman and Scott Warr, dozens of guests will be joining the streamcast across the 20 hours to share their stories, experiences and unique perspectives about WSER. From the rich history to record-setting duels, detailed course descriptions to aid station fare, training tips and techniques to heart warming tales of victory and defeat – viewers will be treated to the most comprehensive coverage of WSER in history. 

A partial list of scheduled guests*:






Bill Hambrick

WSER Assistant Race Director


Mike Hernandez

Time Cutoff Horn Blower

Bob Crowley

States International Group (SIG) Coordinator


Stephanie Howe Case

Nutritionist, Woman’s Champion

Bob Dickenson

Finish Line Captain


Ted Knutsen

Utralive.net Founder

Bob Miller

Endurance Capital World Committee


Tim Twietmeyer/AJW

WSER Trustee, 25x WS Finisher

Chris Thornley

Rucky Chucky River Crossing Lead


Simon Marshal & Leslie Paterson

Braveheart Coaching Co-Founders

Craig Thornley

WSER Race Director


Ann Trason 

WSER 10x Champion

David Roche

Athlete Coach


Dave Mackey

Elite Athlete

Eli Greenwood

WSER Women’s Record Holder


Denis Ziloff 

WSER Trustee, Devil’s Thumb Captain

Erika Hoagland

Ultrarunning Magazine Collumnist 


Francesca Canepa

UTMB 2018 Winner, Elite Athlete

Gary Wang

RealEndurance.com Founder


Grunhild Swanson

WSER Oldest Woman Finisher


WSER First Finisher


Jim King

WSER Past Men’s Champion

Ian Sharman

Athlete Coach, Elite Athlete


John Trent

President WSER, Foresthill Captain

Ian Torrence

Athlete Coach, Elite Athlete


Ken Crouse

Volunteer-Radio, Sweeper

Jason Koop

Athlete Coach


Magda Boulet

WSER Past Women’s Champion

Jimmy Freeman

Athlete Coach, WSER History


Mark Cucuzella

MD, Run For Your Life Author

John Meddinger

WSER Trustee, Finish Announcer


Rich Hanna

CRRM Timing Founder, Elite Athlete

John VonHof

Fixing Your Feet Author


Robert Weiss

WSER Medical Director

Karl Hoagland

Ultrarunning Magazine Publisher


Ryan Sandes

Trail Blazer Author, Elite Athlete

Kevin Sawchuck

MD, Michigan Bluff Medical Lead


Sally McRae

Athlete Coach, Elite Athlete

Mark Falcone

WSER Trustee, Trail Boss


Shannon Weil

WSER Trustee, Historian

Meghan Laws

Athlete Coach, Elite Athlete


Tyler Curley

1st Time WSER Runner

Merredith Terranova



Wally Hazelton

WSER Oldest Finisher

*Guest schedule subject to change based upon availability


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